Friday, May 15, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

M&M is currently 35 months old

Tot School was pretty non-existent this week, but we did do a few things. With a sick little girl, we really didn't feel up to doing much. I'm still trying to figure out how to best make this work for us as well.

I made an I Spy Bottle this week. I've seen these are several blogs and thought that it would be something I could handle making. A few weeks back we made colored rice. I don't have any pictures of that, but here are some pictures of what I did to make the I Spy Bottle. I pulled this out for M&M, but it didn't work out. She wanted to open it up and take everything out. I hadn't glued on the top yet so I'll bring it out again next week and see what happens after I glue the top on. To find out better directions on how to make this click on the links.
Since that didn't work I had a few more activities up my sleeve such as tracing M&M's body outline onto poster board. I found this idea here. She really liked this a lot and I knew she would because she asks me to trace her feet and hands all of the time.
We had just painted her toe nails so she had to add in the purple on her toes.

She added the details and I was so impressed to see that her drawings actual resembled body parts. She told me the oval below the head is her "tummy and there's another scribble that is her heart. I love the hair that she drew.

She wanted to draw a doctor. I guess since we were doing stuff about the body she thought we needed a doctor around. I was so impressed with her picture! This is the first time that I could actually see a person in her drawing.
M&M L.O.V.E.D. this next activity. We played hide and seek with letters. (Scroll down after clicking on the link to find the actual activity) Sometimes with things I have a hard time getting her to finish it, but with this we played it twice. To play I put cards with letters in a paper bag. She would pull one out and then go find it. You can make this yourself or print them off from the link above. I didn't really hide the letters I just put them around the room and she would have to go find the right letter. While she waited for me to hide the big letters she lined up the cards in her playroom. After she found them all she wanted to hide them so that I could find them. She kept saying that this was her "letter factory." Compliments of the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD she is beginning to understand the sound that each letter makes.
Then we made a contact paper collage. I taped contact paper up on our window and then I gathered up some crafty items such as: feathers, beads, pom pom, confetti, gemstones, and foam shapes and put them on a plate. She loved doing this and got everything put on with a little help from mommy. It looks green because of the grass in our backyard.

We had some good ol' playdough fun as well. I brought out some laminated letters but she only did two of them, which is fine.
Lastly she wanted to use the "counting thing" as she calls it which is my ice cube tray. She wanted to count balloons this time. That led to sorting them by color and then we did the same thing with pompoms.

So after doing this post I realized we did do a lot this week, but I guess it was just pretty sporadic.


  1. I love the purple toes! I like the letter hide and seek too; we'll have to try that. Good post!

  2. Aww, thanks for linking me! I love her drawing, BTW. So precious!

  3. You have so many wonderful activities in this post. I'm going to start following your blog. I hope that's okay. Thanks for sharing!



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