Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have some paper flannel board pictures that I've cut out and that I want to put something on the back of so they stick onto the flannel board. I spray glued some felt to the back of one set, but it doesn't seem to stay on the board very well. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could put on the back of the rest of them to make them stick better?


  1. Velcro works well! But I recommend laminating the pictures first.

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  2. I use a small piece of sandpaper for my feltboard pieces since i only use paper to make the feltboard pieces! it works great!

  3. Never tried sandpaper, but it sounds like a good idea. I've done velcro before and it works, but I'll warn you that it's sometimes pretty rough on the felt board.

  4. I laminate or cover the pieces in clear contact first but then my stuff is handled by daycare children. I use the two way fabaric carpet tape that you buy on a roll from home depot or similar store and I also buy sandpaper #120 for normal pieces and #150 for larger pieces. The tape adheres the sandpaper to the figures and lasts pretty well.

    Hint: use scraps of sandpaper to roughen up the area where the tape will go (make small circles). That will make the tape stick better.




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