Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tot School July 20-24

Yet another week without any plans. But I have a good excuse. I am focusing more of my attention on planning and organizing a lot of things in my life. I have all of these great ideas saved up on Evernote, but I have a hard time getting them off of the computer and into real life. I have found a way that works for me and hopefully I will be putting the system into work later on this week. I am also totally reorganizing my playroom because there is entirely too much stuff in there right now. See this post to see what it looks like now. I want to make more of a creative space for M&M to play on her own because that is something she really needs to work on and I really need her to work on that as well. She is getting really clingy right now and I need a little space. But just a little. ;)

On to Tot School. As M&M brought her baby doll's highchair into the kitchen this week one of the legs fell off. So being the clever little girl she is she went back to her playroom and got her toolbox to fix it. She spent a fair amount of time using all of her tools to pound and screw the leg back on. We then proceeded to fix her tricycle. I was the mechanic for this one and she kept saying, "Sir" will you please do this or that to the bike.

I saw this idea for English muffin pizzas on this blog. We made them for lunch one day.

Then we made a homemade ring toss game. I got the idea for this here. We poured dry rice into an empty water bottle and then used pipe cleaners to make circles and throw them over the top of the bottle.

M&M had a hard time with the smaller circles so she suggested making them bigger. I just twisted two of them together to make them bigger. This made it a lot easier for her.

Then M&M asked what else we could do with these so I got different size balls and I held one of the circles while she tried to throw the ball into it. She said, "We're playing basketball!" I was impressed because I didn't think she really knew what basketball was.
I'm really getting into these homemade games and activities. They seem to spark a lot more imagination than store bought toys and they're cheap!

That's it for this week, but I have big plans for the coming weeks. More letter of the week activities.


  1. I LOVE the "sir" part - so cute! I agree about the homemade toys encouraging imagination so much more than store bought toys. We are discovering the same thing. Thanks for sharing your week, looks like you had a good one!

  2. Cool idea with the ring toss.

  3. I love the homemade ring toss game! We will have to try that!!

  4. Your english muffin pizzas look yummy! The homemade ring toss is such a creative and fun idea! We'll have to try that one--thanks for sharing it!

  5. Fun! I agree about the homemade toys. (Then you don't feel bad about getting rid of them when the fun is over)=)

  6. How fun! I remember making english muffin pizzas when I was a kid. They are so yummy!

  7. I think you had a great week. I am so with you on looking for independent play activities. I also have to try out the ring toss - it's definitely on my list of "simple and fun" toys to make.
    I also gave you awards on my blog - you can see your blog profiled here -



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