Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life School

This is really late, but I wanted to post it anyway for my own purposes of memories. On the 4th of July we left to visit my family for a week.

As a little bit of background, all of my family live in one area and all growing up I thought that I would live there as well for the rest of my life. Then I met my husband. He was from another state. When we were first married I didn't even want him to mention the idea of us moving to his state. He still had to finish school, but then a chance came up for a job after he graduated with opportunities that we just couldn't pass it up. God has a way of softening our hearts so that we will follow His will.

Anyway, my husband promised that he would take me back to see my family at least once a year. It was such a treat to go and see everyone and for M&M to play with her cousins from the other side of the family. She actually ended up playing with cousins from my side of the family and from both sides of my husband's family. There was a lot of play going on that week. That's why this week of Tot school was more like Life School.

M&M had the chance to be a princess for a night with the rest of her girl cousins. They wore dresses that my mom made for all of them. They danced the night away with their daddies after a day of getting their hair and nails done.

We had the great opportunity to take her through an open house of a temple of our faith. It was such a wonderful experience and probably the best teaching tool to teach her about the most important thing in her life. We also saw the outside of another temple as well.
(I don't plan on talking a lot about my religion on this blog, but as it is such a big part of our lives the topic will come up once in a while as it relates to teaching M&M in Tot School.)

It was M&M's first time at a Children's Museum where she dressed up as a firefighter, played in a little store and house, and with a Melissa and Doug magnetic maze, and built things with her daddy.

The rest of the time was spent playing with A LOT of cousins on playgrounds while getting really dirty.

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  1. I love the dirty feet picture. It's great that you got to see your family and spend time together. I am also looking forward to our annual cross-country flight to New Jersey to see my parents.



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