Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tot School July 13-17

This week in Tot School was a tough week trying to get back into the swing of things after being on vacation. Again no time to organize anything so we played a lot of games. I got some of these games on our trip at an education store I went to. I could have spent A LOT of money there, but my husband was with me so I had to keep it to a minimum, hehehe.

Love the $ spot at Target right now with all of the education stuff. I got 7 puzzles and we put them all together this week. M&M is starting to understand how to put regular/jigsaw puzzles together. I love the color one that shows how the two colors mix to make another color.

To go along with the puzzle theme we put together these shape puzzles from Infantino that we got M&M for Christmas. She wasn't ready for them in December, but she is really good at them now.

M&M was really good at these opposite cards. She knows the names of most of them.

M&M is good at saying which things, "match the same", but we learned about the word different this week with these cards. She kept saying "not the same", but eventually she got it.

We also did these cards for three-letter words, but she just put the pictures in order and I showed her that it used letters to spell a word.

That's about it. I hope to get more organized in the near future so we can do some more letter weeks.


  1. Great activities. I am on the lookout for some 100 pc. puzzles for Abby.

    I love Trend products. You should check out their alphabet and sight words bingo games. Abby loves them!

  2. I LOVE the dollar spot at Target! We have some of those great buys too!

  3. M&M is a lucky girl. I also picked some of $1 finds from Target, but your Target definitely had a better haul:) I am just about to go out for lunch and see if I can pick up more puzzles for Anna - she seems to enjoy putting the ones she has together. We have a similar word puzzle game from Infantino (I mean, similar to the last one in your post), but Anna mostly puts it together based on the pictures, not on the words.

  4. I bought a few things at the $1 spot too but missed those cards and puzzles.....I'm going to stop by again today before everyone else gets all of the good stuff. =) Can't beat it for a dollar!



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