Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
M&M is currently 38 months old

M&M did a lot of things on her own this week using her imagination. Everyday her imagination is building and I love to see the things she comes up with. First of all she made a boat out of a laundry basket and stocked it full of toys.

Then she made her own picnic.

Our first activity was this styrofoam and toothpick shape/fine motor skill activity. I got this idea from Chasing Cheerios.

She did most of each of the shapes, but then it ended up like this because she was playing mommy, daddy and baby with them and they needed to lay down because they were going to sleep. Anything small turns into people these days.

I've been meaning to do this one for a while now, but had a hard time finding the suction cup things for a good price until I went to the dollar store. It is a Montessori activity using tongs to put the marbles onto the suction cups. This one came from My Montessori Journey. M&M really liked this activity and asked to do it again after using the tongs to put them back in the bowl. This is great because usually once she finishes something, if she finishes it, she will be all done and won't want to do it again.

For a treat this week we made pink popcorn balls. This would have been a great treat to make last week for P week, but alas I did not find it until later on. I saw it on The Frugal Family Fun blog and I knew it was something we had to make. The recipe is on the link. Ours didn't pour very well and so not all of the popcorn was covered in it. It made it a lot less sweet though which is a good thing! (If you haven't noticed I'm not really good at doing how-to's, tutorials, etc. but I'm good about linking to places that do have them!)

Nice action shot of the popcorn, eh?

M&M had renewed interest in her musical instruments this week. Here she is using her rhythm sticks as drumsticks. We made a drum out of an oat canister since we didn't have one. We'll probably decorate it sometime. You can't see it very well, but she has a microphone in between her legs that she is singing into. She wanted to sing and drum at the same time so that's the solution she came up with!
I thought M&M might like this next activity because it involves water. I found this idea here. I cut the top off of a cleaned out milk carton and a hole in the side. She was suppose to scoop the water out from the hole on the side and put it it the funnel on top. Most of it ended up on the ground. She didn't stick with this very long. I think I cut too much off of the side hole so not a lot of water could fit into it.

Not a lot this week, but we are doing the letter M this week. To check out what others have done in Tot School click here.


  1. Looks like fun! All of those activities are great!

  2. Looks like a great week to me! Isn't it SO fun to watch their imagination "at work" as they create their own fun?! I just love it.

    We did funnel play today too; it was a BIG hit (but maybe it also helped that it's SUPER hot out and the water was REALLY cold!). I like how you used the milk jug. I'll have to try that!

  3. thanks for the great ideas, i'd love to try the styrofoam toothpick one

  4. I always like to read about your activities, they are so "down to earth" and fun at the same time. The styrofoam babies cracked me up, and M&M games sound a lot like Anna's. I love to watch her play by herself, but, unfortunately, she thinks that I make an excellent playmate and involves me in most of her imaginative play :)



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