Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I did half or some of many projects this week. One thing that I started on (and could have finished) this week was putting labels on the canisters in the pantry. My husband brought home an older label maker from work and I started to get the labels printed out, but then it ran out of paper. So I couldn't finish. It was a good start though. Starting is always the hardest part right? Hopefully I will get a bigger project done for next week. I might just have to buy a label maker, too.


  1. I think that looks great! I love labels and label makers. =)

  2. Great job! Good organizing tip!

  3. I agree - the hardest part is getting started. I need to learn how to operate ours - my husband does all the label making in our house :)

  4. I love labels. I never thought of doing that though. Great idea!



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