Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tot School - Letter P week

Tot School
M&M is currently 38 months old

We finally had a week of organized Tot School, well at least as organized as I can be. We did the letter P this week and I had a lot of fun things planned.

P is for Playdough. We couldn't have a letter P week without playing with playdough. M&M loves playdough. I used some ideas from a post I found called, "What can we do with playdough?"
I'll probably get this out a lot more because it's a good thing for M&M to do at the table while I am making dinner. Now that she's older she can do it by herself and be creative with what she does.

P is for Puzzle. We made a puzzle P using construction paper. I got this idea from here. We also did a P princess paper craft as well that I don't have a picture of, but I got the idea from here that has pictures of the process.

P is for Peanut Butter. I wanted to make Peanut Butter cookies, but when I told M&M we were making cookies she wouldn't get the idea out of her head that we were going to do Chocolate chip cookies. Toddlers can be pretty convincing so that's what we did. We actually ended up doing the letter P for two weeks and so we did end up making Peanut Butter cookies using this recipe.

While we made the peanut butter cookies M&M was in charge of turning the mixer on. Well she was doing great at turning it on just a little bit up until the point that I put the flour on. That's when the mixer got to speed #10 and poof! there was white everywhere. I thought it was really funny, but M&M was embarrassed and kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I told her it was okay and once she saw me laughing she was fine.
P is for Pasta. I've been re-organizing our pantry (more on that in my Tackle it Tuesday post). While I was putting some pasta from boxes into plastic containers M&M wanted to help. It went along great with our letter P! Later on in the week I mixed a handful of different pastas (rotini, fiori, penne, macaroni, etc.) into a bowl and had M&M sort them. She loved this activity. Even though it's so easy for her she stayed with it until it was all done. That is a rarity for her.

P is for Princess. I got this miniature princess set for M&M for a $1 and she has played with it all week long. I can give her any little animal or figurine of any sort and she will sit there and play and talk for a long tim.
She also loves the wild animal figure set that I got for her at Target for $10. It came with a bunch of animals and trees. (I love our new Target that they built just down the street, Yay!)

P is for Puppets. I got these puppets on clearance from the Martha Stewart Craft section at Walmart. I really wanted to have get the puppet theater made that I have been planning on doing all summer long. I made progress, but didn't get it all done. I got the idea from here for those that would be interested in making one. I got my cardboard display board at Michaels for like $6.00.

P is for Pom Pom. I got these little mini silicone muffin tin things fro IKEA and M&M used tongs to put the pom poms into each of the cups. I got this idea from here.

More playdough fun. This is M&M's crocodile (I think). I love how she's starting to try and "sculpt" things out of playdough now. I love to see her creations.

P is for Puffy Paint. A few weeks ago Puffy paint was going around the mommy blog world like wildfire and I'm on the slow side of things so we just did it this last week. I've seen this on many blogs, but I used the recipe from here. I can't find the exact post, but the recipe I used is: 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water. Basically equal parts of all three ingredients. We used Purple and Pink colors. And green, but for some reason that bottle wouldn't squeeze so we didn't use it. When we do projects like this M&M always wants me to do it too so our creations are pictured below.

I got these grow on your own princess and castle things. M&M likes to watch these grow, but I think they feel too slimey.

More ideas:
Popsicle Stick picture frames
Princess castle
Eat pudding, popcorn, pizza, pancakes.
Have a pillow fight
Put pennies in a piggy bank
Have a pajama party


  1. What a GREAT week!! I'm bummed that we already did "P" because you guys did so many awesome things. We might just have to revisit P and use some of your ideas!!

  2. What a great (or should I say perfect) week! I love all of your great ideas and photos too!

  3. Wow what fun...I am getting so excited about getting back to a more organized totschool for Emily after the summer. Thanks for sharing all the great things you did this week.

  4. Great ideas! I especially love the cute puppets and the puffy paint (I missed it on the other blogs, so I'm so glad you posted it!)

  5. This is an awesome week! I am amazed how many fun activities you did - M&M is one lucky girl. And I am really impressed how you can keep track of all the sources, so we can recreate your feats.

  6. Thanks so much for the link to the puppet theatre! I've been wanting to make one but needed the extra motivation! And I missed the puffy paint too - we'll have to give it a try!



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