Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tot School - Letter M

Tot School
M&M is currently 38 1/2 months old

We did the letter M this week for Tot School. I've gathered a lot of ideas over the past few months and I've realized that I need to scale Tot School down and simplify it for myself. With M&M being in preschool and MDO for 3 days a week I won't have as much time to actually do Tot School with her, but I will have more time to prepare! Maybe it won't be as chaotic because I will have everything set and ready to go when we do have Tot School time here at home. My goal is to at least do the whole alphabet. We've only done 7 letters. Mmm...I thought we've done a lot more than that. We have done Tot School 18 times, but I haven't been prepared with a letter each of those times. We'll see what happens.

On to our activities for the week.
M is for Monkeys. We couldn't do the letter M without doing something with monkeys. This is a mask I found at Ziggity Zoom.

We also did this Monkey M. I got the idea from here. Ours doesn't look as good because I am trying to allow M&M to do more things by herself instead of me trying to make everything look perfect.

M is for Mountain. We also did a Mountain M. This idea came from No Time for Flashcards. There are also some other good M activities on the link as well.

Oh, I just had to showcase one of M&M's lunchtime creations from the week. I just had to laugh at the broccoli on top of the toothpick. Needless to say she didn't eat a lot for that meal, but she sure had fun!

M is for Measure. I knew I had to do something with measuring because M&M is always helping daddy hold the tape measure when he measures things for projects around the house. This idea came from Walking by the Way, a more recent blog find. You can find the cards here and read about how to do the activity on the first link. I think this was too easy for M&M or she just wasn't in a good mood at the time because she didn't enjoy it as much as I thought she would.

M is for Monkey Bread. I found this easy recipe for Monkey bread so I've been saving making it just for this week. It was really good and the recipe I used can be found here.

M is for M&M's. Considering her nickname is M&M for this blog we had to do something with M&M's. This rainbow sheet came from Making Learning Fun. This page would also be good to go with a rainbow theme. This activity didn't get much done on it because the pieces kept disappearing for some reason. Mmm....

M is also for Magnet. I've been saving this activity for a long time. I printed this sheet off a while ago and so I didn't save where I got it from. I got most of the items on the list, but didn't have a few of them. M&M really got into this activity and she loved to circle the correct answer. There were a few of them that had some parts that were magnetic and others that weren't. I didn't think she would understand the concept of how some things are magnetic and other's aren't so I just used this as a fun science experiment (like Sid the Science Kid) and left it at that. She did take the magnetic wand around the house for a little bit after she was done to see what else she could find that was magnetic.


  1. Great ideas. I have to make monkey bread with my kids soon; they will love it.

  2. What a great week! First of all, I will also be absolutely bookmarking the monkey bread recipe. That is, by FAR, my husband and my favorite thing to eat! We usually buy it frozen and heat it up, but I would LOVE to make our own!

    And, I'd actually just printed out those same M&M rainbows for our upcoming theme of rainbows (I'm really trying to focus on themes and Bible learning). I'm glad to know she liked it, even if the pieces were eaten before sorting. Hehehee! :)

    Great week!

  3. I am so excited! We will be starting M week on Monday and you have given me a ton of great ideas! Thank you!

  4. Everything looks so fun! Great job! I can't wait to try the magnetic Tchart and the measuring cards. Thanks!

  5. I love that M monkey and the magnetic test!

  6. Such a fun week! I love the monkey M! So cute! We will certainly be doing this when we hit the letter Mm!

  7. I love the monkey mask - that's definitely something my son would love! And that monkey bread looks delicious - I'm heading over to find the recipe right now. ;)

  8. That M monkey is too cute and I really was laughing hard at the broccoli! Too cute!

  9. I gotta find some of those magnet games for Little Bear and Rafael as an afterschool project! I love your Letter M activities!

  10. Great ideas! I like magnet science experiments. We are little cautious with magnets here, since we have a lot of electronics around the house that doesn't take well to magnets (especially laptops), but I let Anna try magnetic wand under supervision, and she also likes to test what sticks and what doesn't. We tried a similar M&M activity a couple weeks ago, and Anna was surprisingly lukewarm about it - maybe just tired. I will try again eventually.



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