Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tot School- Letter D week

Tot School

M&M is 36 months old

I had a lot of ideas that I had saved for the letter D that I wanted to do it this week. That's how I decide what letter to do. It just depends on how many ideas I have for a certain letter. :)

We did a lot with dinosaurs. Since my first child was a girl I never got any dinosaur figures for her to play with. Little did I know that it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, kids are just fascinated with dinosaurs. I got a pack of three figures to do one of our activities and for her to play with.

This first activity doesn't apply to the letter D, but that's okay. I have seen several blogs with an open and close activity so I don't know who to accredit this to. I just went around and looked for little things that open and close. I put them all in a cute little suitcase that we got at the hotel we stayed at for our family reunion. I put fun little things in each of the containers for her to play with. I tried to get her to play with the things in free play, seeing how the different things could fit into different containers, etc. but it didn't work out so well.

I got some foam dinosaur models at Michaels that we put together. She played with these as well as the other dinosaur figures while I got the other activities ready. I'm still working on getting everything put together before we start school so that M&M doesn't have to wait.

We also made discovery bottles. I found this idea on the childcareland website. We made an ocean wave bottle and a slow motion confetti bottle. Honestly these were more fun to make then they are to play with. M&M wasn't that interested.

For a snack one day we dipped graham crackers in milk. This is a treat that my mom and I would do all the time while I was growing up. It was fun to do it with my own daughter.

We used the do-a-dot paint sticks to make dots on a dinosaur. The dinosaur template can be found here.
With the template linked above comes some smaller versions of the dinosaur which M&M painted and on a whim I decided that they need a home so I cut grass, tree and mountain out of construction paper.

With the dinosaur figures that I got M&M made dino footprints on the letter D. I got this idea from the Totally Tots, now I know my ABC's section. The letter D template can be found here.

I got this dino egg from the dollar store, but it took forever to hatch and M&M wasn't very patient. I found her many a time trying to help him out. The dinosaur inside actually felt pretty disgusting and slimy.

Daddy was a dinosaur doctor while he fixed the dino models. I don't have a picture, but we also played with M&M's doctor kit this week. She loves to do this switching between being the patient and the doctor.

I saw this activity on the Homeschool Creations blog about decorating donuts. I cut out a piece of brown paper in the shape of a donut and then I put some glue in a cup, put one drop of red food coloring in it and then mixed it up. This made pink "frosting" for M&M to put on the donut with a paintbrush and then sprinkle glitter on for sprinkles.

We also made semi-homemade donuts. This recipe just uses pillsbury biscuit dough fried in oil. They were okay for our first try at making donuts. I want to make some real donuts sometime, probably this fall. M&M enjoyed sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar on the donuts after they were cooked.

We played some dinosaur games on the Land Before Time website. Then I printed out this mask for her to play with.

Then just a few other activities that don't have to do with the letter D. Again I had so much more planned, but didn't get to it all.

M&M is really into writing her letters right now and so she asks me to tell her a name and then I spell it for her. Here is her writing of "mommy". I love it!!

I got this magnetic wand and balls at the education store the other day. They were suppose to be one of the discovery bottles, but M&M wanted to take them out and play with them. I think I will pull these out again because she had a lot of fun with them.

She saw these Martha Stewart puppets in the closet which I was saving for later. She really wanted to make it though so we did one of them. I got these on clearance at Walmart and will be a great addition to the puppet theater that I plan on making sometime in the future.

Next week we are going to do the letter F which will be for the Fourth of July, Fireworks, and Flags among other things. I'm excited for it.


  1. Wow! Busy week! We are embarking on letter D this week. Thanks for the great resources!

  2. I love M&M's writing! She is so grown up!

  3. Great week and great links! I am impressed with M&M's writing. Anna is only a few months younger, but she is not making any letters yet and doesn't seem interested. Too bad that M&M didn't like discovery bottles - I am still debating whether I want to make some up for Anna or whether it will be wasted. Hmmm...

  4. What a wonderful week! I am terrible with themed activities, so I know how it feels to have ideas that never happen. Her writing is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing, as always.

  5. Great dinosaur prints on the letter d!!!!! So much fun! And I love the dino mask!



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