Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why is it.....

....that we can buy all sorts of toys and games for our children like these:

and they won't play with them but one minute?

But give them two cups, water and ice and they will stay busy for quite a while?
It's the simple things in life I guess. This also kept her cool with the 95+ degrees we've been having around here. Summer came with a bang! You'll have to excuse the no pants in this picture. We are in the middle of potty training right now. (It's going pretty well, I'm really excited about the thought of not having two kids in diapers!)


  1. Your post made me laugh - it happens in our house too all the time. I wouldn't have guessed about the pants, if you didn't point it out. Good luck with potty training, I hope it's over soon.

  2. What are you doing to potty train? Just started with my little one but it is not going so well so far.

  3. So true! I hope the potty training goes well for you. I think we'll be starting soon too. (Well, soon as in after we move and have another baby :)



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