Friday, June 26, 2009

Picnic Table Talk - Dads

This weeks picnic table talk is all about dads and what we did for Father's Day. Well I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't do much for M&M's dad. M&M made him a card with markers and stickers which he loved because she wrote her name on it and that's the first he's seen her writing.

The Friday before Father's Day my hubby decided he wanted to take M&M golfing for the first time. He took her out on search of a real small golf club. He went to one store and didn't have any luck and he was ready to give up. M&M persisted and said, "Let's go to another store." They went to a specialty store for golf and found one. It was only $5 so he wanted to get her another one. He found a putter, but it was too big so they told him they could cut it down and put a new grip on it so that's what they did. They went to the driving range and had a fun time spending quality time together.

Sundays are nap days for us and if the kids wake up early my husband is the one that usually gets up with them and lets me sleep some more. On Father's Day I let him sleep and I think he appreciated that more than any gift I could have given him. He asked me not to give him any gifts and I know that when he says stuff like that he means it. So even though it was some pretty simple stuff that is how we honored our daddy/hubby on Father's Day.

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