Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The times we live in...

Before starting this blog I knew I didn't want to put my children's names on here or any other identifying information. I also try not to take pictures of their faces. Because of what I read here I have gone through and taken out several photos that still reveal too much of M&M's face. This blog and another blog had pictures taken from them and posted on another website without their knowledge. As much as I like showing off my adorable children I will resist and only take pictures of M&M's hands doing her activities. That will be hard as she will put her face near anything I am taking a picture of. For those of you who don't know me personally: If you have noticed anything that I have revealed about where I live or anything of that sort please inform me of it so that I can delete it. I don't have near as many followers or readers as the blogs that had photos taken from them, but I am going to be overly cautious about this. Our family had a family reunion a couple of years ago at a certain vacation cabin. Just recently one of our family members has found pictures of our reunion at the cabin on this cabin's blog. They were taken from their personal blog. They had no idea and are trying to get them removed.

While we are on this subject I would like to address the issue of copyrights as well. I've made it a priority to make sure I give credit to those that I have gotten ideas from. I try to link back to their blogs and websites as much as possible. If there is anything that anyone has noticed on my blog that would violate any copyright laws please let me know.

I would ask a few favors of my readers. Would you please leave a comment on this post so that my mind can be put at ease about who is reading my blog? Anything will do, even a simple hello. (There is an exception for those of you that I know personally. Please do not leave a comment as that leaves a link to your own blog, etc.)

And lastly if you get an idea from my blog and post it on your blog please leave a link back to my post as a courtesy that I would really appreciate.

I really hate to write all this, but find it necessary if I am going to continue this blog the way it is. I hate that we have to worry about those out there that do stupid things to hurt others.

Thank you to those that read and follow this blog. It means a lot that people would want to read my ramblings about my everyday life. I'm just your average mother trying to improve the life of her children so that they can somehow make a difference to the world or someone else's life for the better when they grow up.

Hopefully this is the first and last of this kind of post.


  1. It is really scary that people will take advantage of others. I love that there are so many of us out there willing to share how we educate and nurture our little ones. I hate to see these types of things abused. I'm going to talk with RockerDad to see how he feels we should proceed (if at all) with our bloggging. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. i've never really put her pic of name on my blog most do't even know what region i live in! Now i know and hope others understand why i've always been like that! but it does make me want to go back and take out any picture that isn't just the finished product picture

    i always go with my heart and what feels right! I changed my blog name cuz someone stole that I had Teaching Tinytots for years and i found out someone else started a blog called Teaching Tiny-tots um that is too close! I was so upset

    Sometimes i think I'll just go private and only 100 readers can read about my and my teaching of my LO and then i'm like i think mine is fairly save.

    I read your blog! Great post! sorry this got so winded and lengthy

  3. I completely understand what you mean about taking pictures of your kids. I am always concerned about showing my kids faces and therefore only show their hands. I wish we didn't have to worry about it. There are so many things they do I would love to share on my blog but can't because I don't want their identity out there. Hope your family can get that picture removed. I am glad to know I am not the only one that worries about this.

    Toddler Craft

  4. I really like your blog, and I am upset that images can be taken off one's blog without permission. But please remember that it can happen anywhere. Someone can put a snapshot of your child without your permission, there is Flickr, Facebook, etc. We just have to learn to deal with uncertainty... or move off the net entirely :)

  5. I read your blog and have gotten some great ideas to try with my LO. I am always careful not to refer to my kiddos by name, but often show pictures of them because grandparents really like to see them. I did have my DH add coding so you can't right click to copy my photos, but I dont' know how well that will help!

  6. I have commented on your blog before (and am a follower). I saw the post you are refering to on Chasing Cherrios, and it is scary that something like that can happen. My take on it is (considering I DO put my kids faces on my blog) that it's just a face. I don't use their real names or locations, or any identifying information. The reality is, as a previous commenter said as well, that the internet is both a wonderful tool to bring people together, but it comes with it's risks as well. It all depends on your perception of risk involved. If I ever questioned the safety of my children, or the ability of someone to find my children based on photos or text from my blog, then I would make my blog private or remove their faces from the pictures. But for me, since it is just a face, I feel like even if someone steals it, while it would be disturbing, it poses no actual risk to my children and their well being. I hope you feel better having gone through your blog and removed her photos. :) Don't forget, if you are a part of other forums or message board, networking sites, have a photobucket, etc, people can access photos from those locations as well.

  7. Have you considered Blog Patrol or something like that? I recently added it to my blog and I can tell when a blog links to mine (but only when someone clicks on it). That is how I found YOU! It is funny - you never know when someone is reading unless they leave you a comment! I have heard of other good ones out there, but don't know much about them.

    I'm not worried at this point. . . I hope that doesn't change. But, I know that no one is immune to these kind of things ~ I pray for protection for all of us mommies that just want to share, encourage and inspire each other ~ it has helped me so much!

  8. I just started my own blog a few months ago and I was using only the kiddos first initials, but this seemed to upset the grandparents and funny but my husband didn't like it either. Anyhoo, I switched to using thier real names and I am still unsure about it.

    Just to let you know I love your ideas and plan to start tot school with my 3 yr old in Aug. However, I am already nervous I won't have enough activities to keep him busy. How long do you do actual school?



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