Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tot School June 8-12

Tot School

M&M is 36 months old

M&M did these first two activities on her own. Her Leapfrog phonics bus and nesting dolls, which she stayed with for a while.

I didn't get to finish all of our letter R/Rainbow activities last week so I took the opportunity of a short week to do some more of them. We did a rainbow in a jar using colored sand and a jar. We actually used a salt shaker because that's all I had available. I cut up a plastic bag to put over the top and then I screwed the lid on so that the sand wouldn't spill out.

I thought this idea was really cute and used simple materials. Using pipe cleaners, beads, and styrofoam M&M matched the beads to the color of pipe cleaner. Then bent them over to make an arch for a rainbow. I found this idea at My Montessori Journey.

R is also for rocks. We gathered some rocks at the park the day before and then we washed them in a tub of water with dishsoap in it. Then we dried them and examined them with a magnifying glass. We also used our fingernail, a coin and a nail to do a scratch test to see how hard the rock was. I can't find where I got this idea from, sorry. It was a great outdoor activity.

M&M started her first day of Mother's Day Out, otherwise known as "school" to M&M. She did great and is excited to go again this week. She had to wear her Dora backpack everywhere after school.
Half of the week was spent with family at a reunion.

I was really excited about this first activity that we were able to do as a family. We went to the aquarium where we saw all of these animals/fish. It was a great experience for M&M and she just soaked it all in. I think her favorite was the jaguar. I don't know why there was a jaguar at an aquarium, but it was there. She loves Go Diego Go with baby jaguar.

We celebrated M&M's 3rd birthday with all 18 of her cousins sitting around the table to eat her birthday cake. (My in-laws have 20 grandchildren with two more on the way.)

We spent A LOT of time in the water which M&M loved. I was amazed that she went down some really big slides all by herself because where we were didn't allow two people to go down at one time.

Not a normal week for Tot School, but a very fun one nonetheless.


  1. Your week looks awesome, and you always have great suggestions. I liked the pipe rainbow best - now I just need to get beads :) Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. 18 cousins - wow! Anna is the only grandchild on both sides - kind of sad.

  2. Great week. We love rainbow activities. Happy Birthday M&M; it looks like you are having fun celebrating!



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