Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pencil and notebook holder

During my little blogging break I made two colored pencil and notebook holders for my nieces. My sister provided this adorable material and she was happy to hand the sewing part over to someone else. With (A LOT) of help from my mom and her amazing sewing machine, we put these together. It really didn't take too long to do. I used the instructions found here, but added a few things like handles and a stitch at the bottom so the pencils wouldn't go down too far. I have some material to make one for M&M, I'm just waiting on a sewing machine. My mom is sending her old one down to me and I'm really excited to have one in my home so I can go and sew whenever I feel like it! When I make one for M&M there are a couple of things I would change from the instructions like putting the ribbon to close it more in the middle and making the pocket inside not as tall.



  1. Cute...cute...cute! I can't wait to see more creations once you get the sewing machine.

  2. That's really cute. I had big sewing plans for Christmas. Apparently I have to start in January to be ready in December!

  3. PS THanks for your encouragement today!

  4. Beautiful! I love the fabric, too. :)

  5. We love our "crayon wallet" for car trips or when I need the kids to play quietly while out and about! They are great!




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