Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

So here's my second Favorite Photo Friday. It's another flower/nature picture. I took these pictures right after getting my new Nikon D40 camera a couple of years ago. I loved being able to focus on something and having the rest of it be blurry.

Since I decided a little bit ago that I wasn't going to put pictures of my kids on here I've decided to break down and do it. I've since learned how to do a "watermark" of sorts so I can at least have my stamp on it.

Someone asked last week what editing program I use. I use Picasa 3. I have Photoshop as well, but not the most recent one. I think it's CS? Is that an actual one? haha. I haven't taken the time yet to learn Photoshop yet, but I do like the free actions you can find online! I've just downloaded some actions for Photoshop and I'm really excited to use them.

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