Sunday, April 26, 2009

Posting delay

Sorry about the delay in really starting up this blog. My little Bubba has given us an RSV scare, but he seems to be getting better with allergy meds. so we're hoping it's just allergies. I'm going to start using a schedule board I made for M&M this week and I'll be making plans for Tot School today. We'll be doing an overview of the alphabet this week and if we don't have enough to do I'll start the letter A. I also have some other ideas going on in my head as well as a product review meme to do. So don't give up on me! Stayed tuned.


  1. I hope that he gets feeling better! RSV is tested specifically for with mucus; the test comes back within a few hours. Nathan's had 2 of those tests done.

    Hopefully those medicines will work. I'm excited about your blog!

  2. hope he gets better! my LO is finally getting over the her cold! my oldest had RSV its yucky stuff!!

    don't feel like you have to do the product review anytime soon I've had my 2 that I have to do for atleast a month! :) so anytime

  3. What a great blog! I'm excited to get more ideas from you! I hope Bubba feels better soon!



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