Monday, April 27, 2009

First Tot School....Finally

Tot School
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So even though I wasn't as organized as I would have liked to have been I did some activities with M&M today. We started off with doing a lentil tray idea that I found on the Chasing Cheerios blog. I thought that M&M would really like this and I was right. After awhile I put a towel under the tray because she was very messy and the lentils are the same color as our carpet.

M&M spent a lot of time on the computer today doing "her" letters on Fisher-price and Starfall. It amazes me that she can pretty much maneuver these sites by herself. I was tending to a sick baby most of the morning so that was very helpful.

We got a package from grandma today and it had a new book for M&M in it...Purplicious!
She already has Pinkalicious and her favorite color is purple so it seemed only fitting to have this book as well. The book talks about how pink and blue mixed together make purple so I took this opportunity to demonstrate this to M&M. I put blue and pink paint in a ziploc bag and she squished it around to mix it together. I got this idea from a blog a few months ago when I wasn't as good keeping track of which one it came from so I can't link it back.

M&M pretty much knows the alphabet in it's capital form, but we need to work on the lowercase letters. So I bought a matching/puzzle thing at our education store here for her to practice. I wanted to do this as sort of a pre-test to see what she already knew. I was surprised that she could match Q. She got frustrated with it though and only did 4 letters before she wanted to quit. I think next time I won't put out the whole alphabet at once so she won't get overwhelmed.


  1. sounds great!!! we love Pinkalicious so much! Purplicious too! :)

  2. This is awesome! I love your ideas and enthusiasm, I will definitely use this for Lucy. Thanks!!! See ya tonight.

  3. I really like the alphabet puzzle. Where did you get it. I think that Evelyn knows a lot of the lower case letters, but not all of them like she does the capitals. We love Pinkalicious, we'll have to get purplicious next.

  4. Great job adjusting down the number of pieces on the puzzle! Smart mom. GORGEOUS tray for your activity! I'm trying to find some wooden trays that don't cost me an arm and a leg. The stores don't seem to carry them but I'm heading to Goodwill next. Any tips on finding such beautiful pieces?

  5. My daughter loves Pinkalicious and Purpilicious. I preordered Goldilicious on Amazon; I hope it is as good as the others. I like that puzzle too; I'll have to look for that one.

  6. I got the Alphabet puzzle from Mardels. It's a Christian/Education store where I live.

    I actually got the wooden tray from Walmart in the craft section. I was very surprised to see one there that nice.



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