Monday, February 22, 2010

Tot School-Letters X&Y

Tot School
M&M is 44 months old

Continuing on with our letter of the week activities, we did two this week. X and Y. I decided to combine these because I didn't have a lot of activities for either one. For the letter Y we did an all out search of the house for everything that was yellow. M&M was totally into this and wanted to get every single little thing that had even a speck of yellow on it. I've seen this color hunt on several blogs.
Then we did yarn art. This activity came from Childcareland. M&M just dipped pieces of yarn into glue on a paper plate then stuck it any which way on the paper. I think it turned out kinda cool looking. 


For the letter X we did a few worksheets that I printed out. One was about words that ended in X instead of beginning.  M&M traced the words. I left for a second while she was doing this and when I came back she had started writing the words again on her own. This one came from Kidzone.We also did this one and this one from the same website. From DLTK M&M colored this X-ray picture. The interesting thing about this one was when she started coloring the vertebrae she did it in a pattern. She continued doing this when she colored in between the ribs. She did this all on her own as well. She never ceases to amaze me with all that she is learning.

  M&M also colored this xylophone picture from ABCTeach.


Bubba made up his own fun with spilling the cotton balls out of the bag and pulling them apart. Apparently he needed some sensory work to do.  :) 

 That's it! We are really keeping things simple lately. I've noticed that when I try to do a lot and it stresses me out that we really don't have a lot of fun and that is the whole idea. I'm trying to work up a stash of things for M&M to do because she is asking every day now when she can do "mommy's activities." I just print off a bunch of things for her to color or trace or connect the dots that I can easily pull out when she wants something to do.


  1. very cute! I like the yarn activity- it DOES look neat! :)

  2. I love the yarn activity... too bad I don't know any knitters/crocheters. :( I'd love to try that with RockerTot, but I don't know if I can justify buying the yarn... do they sell yarn scraps? lol



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