Monday, February 15, 2010

A One Stop Spot

On a whim I've decided to change the look of my blog. Not that I didn't like the old look, but I just needed a change. With the new additions to blogger it makes it a lot easier to change back and forth. If this one doesn't work out I can easily change back. I didn't lose any of my widgets when I changed and now they have static pages that show up as a navigation bar. I'm thinking since I have so many links to sites on the sidebar that I would just create static pages for each category. I have all of these on here because I am interested in so many different things and love to see the ideas people come up with. It's mostly for my sake so that I can have a one stop spot to look at the title of a new post and see if it's something I want to read about. I also hope that if someone comes to my blog and they are looking for ideas about a certain subject they can go to that page and have access to many different links and they can search from there. One of my favorite things to do is blog surf and find new sites with great ideas. Basically I do all of the work looking for great sites, link to them, and then you can just come here and have access to all of them with a few clicks! A one stop spot!

(It might take me a little while to get them all changed over to static pages so bear with me.)

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