Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Felt Jack-o-lantern

I have a bunch of felt that I've been stocking up on for a big project I will be doing with my mom next month. I decided to take a little bit of it and make a Halloween activity for M&M. I cut a pumpkin shape out of orange felt. Then I cut out different mouths, noses and eyes from black felt.
She can mix and match and make different faces on the pumpkin. At least that was the objective until I gave it to her, she made one face and then said, "Okay, that's what a pumpkin looks like" and was finished. *sigh*

(The eyes are on the left side, the noses on the bottom and the mouths on the right.)



  1. Cute! My mom just made a fun felt activity for my kid that I'll post on my blog soon. I'll see if I can make this one with the leftovers. It's nice having activities that don't make lots of noise.

  2. So cute! LOL about her being done after one face.

  3. Great idea, at least in theory :) Your pumpkin face reminded me about the game on Starfall.com - you can decorate your own pumpkin by selecting all its parts. Anna loves it.

  4. that is a really good idea! My kids would love it!

  5. We'll have to try it out-looks fun!



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