Friday, December 4, 2009

Our first advent activities

For our first advent activity M&M "wrote" a letter to Santa. Since she can't really read or write I gave her some old toy magazines for her to cut out pictures of things she wants. This was a great activity for her because she loves to use scissors. It was also great because she did it all by herself for a good amount of time! It was sweet because she cut out pictures not just for herself, but for mommy, daddy, and Bubba. She made sure Santa knew what we wanted too. After she cut them all out I gave her a gluestick to glue the pictures onto paper. She's not actually getting the things that she cut out, but I don't think she'll remember what she glued on, she just wants anything to do with princesses.

Our next activity were these swirled paint ornaments. M&M liked squeezing the paint into the bulb and then shaking them around. I really liked how these turned out. I might have to make some more of my own.

M&M loved doing these Santa handprints because I painted her hands and she said that it tickled. Anything that allows her to get messy is always a hit. Mmm, I guess I forgot to put mouths on them. I used acrylic paint for both of these crafts.

I need to go to the store to get more supplies for our activities for the next two weeks. I'm really excited about doing them, I hope M&M has fun doing them as well.



  1. I've never seen Santa handprints....SO cute! =)

  2. I love those ornaments - they turned out so pretty. Too bad that we don't have any clear glass balls :( As for not remembering what she cut - hmm... this would have never worked in our house. I am curious what M&M will say on Christmas day

  3. These are all great crafts! We'll have to try them!

    Your daughter's list looks like my daughter's! LOL!

  4. I love, love the swirled paint globes!

    Evelyn kept telling me how silly it was that I was painting her hand, when I first did hand-print art with her. We made a caterpillar for her carpet square for preschool (Joy School). It had 5 hand prints. Without painting the thumb and painting the fingers all one color and the hand another color. Lining them up side by side. It turns our to be a caterpillar with lots of legs and some round bodies. Then we just made a circle head with just the hand and no fingers. There's some fun hand print art ideas. I just wish that Allison were not son interested in eating the paint!



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