Monday, November 30, 2009

Quiet book pages

The past two weeks have consisted of trying to make a quiet book. I found many blogs that had pictures of the quiet books they have made, but not a lot of them had patterns for the pages I wanted to do. So I first had to draw out all of the patterns myself before we (my mom and I) could even think about putting it together. That's why it's taken me so long. I read other blogs where they say they see a cute idea on a blog and then whip it up that night and post about it the next day. I've decided I am not one of those people that can do that, which is okay. It just takes me longer to get anything done. And well, the fact of the matter is the quiet book is far from being done, but it is done enough to post pictures because I just couldn't wait. I will have to finish it when I go home for Christmas in a few weeks. But here are some pictures of 6 of the pages.

Color matching balloons and button on flowers

Clothesline with mini clothespins and dress-up people

Noah's Ark zipper, shoelace tying, and buckleAs you can see I still have some minor details like a face for the little people and a shoelace for the shoe, but it's getting there. The animal finger puppets for the Noah's Ark came from IKEA.

If anyone wants to put one of these together sometime and needs patterns or help, just let me know because the patterns were the biggest headache and took the longest time.

Here are the links that I used to get ideas from:


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I was featured!

I was featured on Someday Crafts! I'm so excited! This is my very first feature and what a great site to be featured on. Check it out here.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Playdough mats

I found these playdough mats on the Sparklebox website and thought they were really cute. M&M likes to play with playdough as much as the next child so I printed some out, laminated them and we made these creations. There are a lot of them on the website, but most of them use up a lot of ink. There are some black and white ones though. There are a lot of other printables on the site, but like I said they take up some colored ink.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little R&R

So it´s been awhile since I last posted, but I have good reason...a vacation with my hubby to Mexico for a little rest and relaxation and rejuvenation. I will be back to the blogging world next week sometime to start blogging about the quiet book my mom and I will be making. Also M&M has had a lot of fun making a dollhouse with grandpa this past week. I haven´t seen it yet, but I´m really excited! Be back soon!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Princess and the Puppy

So Halloween's been over for a few days, but I'm just barely getting this up. I am so proud of myself for making my kid's costumes this year for Halloween. I never thought I would be one of those mom's to do that, but then again I never knew how easy it was!

Bubba was a little puppy dog. Since he's only 10 months old I didn't go all out for his costume (that's what happens when the second kid comes around). I cut "spots" and ears out of light brown felt and stuck them on a brown zip-up jacket using pieces of double stick tape. He was so cute! The best part is he needed a jacket anyway and the spots were removable!

I've seen so many posts done about no-sew tutus and I knew I had to make one for M&M because, well, it was no-sew! I got the tulle spools from the wedding section of Joann's. I used three different colors: light purple, dark purple and light blue. I didn't use any particular tutorial, but I got ideas about how to make it from several websites. I can't link to the tutorials right now because I'm not on my home computer, sorry. I wrapped a satin ribbon around the waistband and tied it in a bow in front for extra cuteness. I found that idea here. I'm sure there's a tutorial around that website for a tutu. M&M liked it. I was trying to get her to say she was a ballerina, but she insisted that she was a princess. Oh well.



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